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The  e  Xtreme Oriental...


A  variation on the Standard below that introduces extremely large open ears that far surpass any other cat breed lending an exagerated baby-ish appearance to even the adult cats.  The look is intoxicating!  Our kittens are from  Champion European and Russian lines and are Pedigreed and Registered in North America thru TICA.  With over 40 years of breeding several exotic Registered breeds I am truly thrilled to be able to offer these beautiful and unique kittens for you and your family to enjoy!

We are pleased to announce
our new babies ~
Baal, Baby Argentum, Lennon and Oxana!  Visit our 
Sphynx website to see our famous 

Sphynx including "The Vampire Lestat", at 7 years old still scanning HCM clear!


Cory Feldman.jpg

Cory Feldman

Christina Ricci.jpg

Christina Ricci
Wednesday from the Adams Family

Kane Hodder
"Jason "
Friday the 13th


Our Babies with Celebs!

Guitarist Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson guitarist.jpg
Please note:  partial payments are non refundable
Please note:  partial payments are non refundable. We reserve the right to rescind agreements and contracts without notice for any reason. 
                                            In the event that this happens all monies paid plus non refundable payments will be refunded in full.
                                                   You have a full year to choose a kitten, after that a new deposit will be required.  All travel arrangements are the responsibility of the Buyer.  We will as a courtesy arrange them for you, but certain situations may arise that we can not foresee and are not able to make flight bookings.  We are happy to have you come and pick your baby up or use the independent pet nanny that will bring your baby to you.
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